Thursday, December 04, 2008

suspicion confirmed

I fb'ed last week about our little Post Office being broken into on Thanksgiving. Knowing I got our mail on Wednesday and then Mitch was picking up Friday's mail, I wasn't really worried about us missing anything.

It wasn't until I received only one half of my Amazon ordered that was shipped on the same day as 'the other half' that I wondered about the other half being victim of the burglary. A letter in my mailbox today confirmed that suspicion...

"Enclosed with this letter are copies of mail that was taken from your post office box. The original mail pieces are being held by the United States Postal Inspection Service as evidence which may help solve the case. Your mail was taken out of your post office box and opened by an unknown person during the burglary of the BC NE post office......."

Though I'm disappointed to not have the books I ordered, I'm giggly about the fact that some 'bad guy' has THIS BOOK in his possession. "Here Comes Heaven! A Kid's Guide to God's Supernatural Power" was written by leaders in THE most supernatural church in America. This guy doesn't know what he's messing with. :) I pray the convicting love of the Holy Spirit will saturate this guy and totally mess with him!


ConservaChick said...

God works in mysterious ways! ~K

reneegrace said...

HA That is awesome! :) And it looks like a good book... i guess you can't tell me if it is, since you don't have it yet :)