Wednesday, June 25, 2008

not much on the agenda

Having a few days home has been nice. Other than planning for our Super Sunday (basically doing Children's Ministry upstairs with the WHOLE church!), there's not been much on the agenda....other than, laundry, mopping, banking, groceries, cleaning grungy toilets (dang 'Beaver' water), etc. You know? The norm.

The girls and I have had time to read, almost daily, from "Little Women". I started and finished "The Shack". My Beloved and I watched a movie, "Bella". I even started up my own facebook....somebody shoot me. Oh, and I even took a few minutes to giggle over the controversy over "The Shack" and Todd Bentley. Honestly, it didn't make me mad, it made me laugh. Silly, silly Pharisaical Christians.

We'll leave tomorrow to go see David Herzog at our home church. Never been in any of his meetings nor read any of his books. Like before, I'm hesitant not resistant. Our good ministry friend, compared the Herzog family with ours so I'll either love them or hate them, eh? :)


reneegrace said...

I just like you and your attitude!

I so relate to the "fear" of the unknown when it comes to ministries and such. I like much better the relaxed place I am in now. Aware, I think, but not terrified of possible false teachings or someone's false motives or wrong doctrine. I lneed to read the Shack.

reneegrace said...

hey javamama, I decided to spend some time looking up the lakeland revival. :) this is what you do when your husband works nights and isn't here to tell you to go to bed! :)

i just wanted to get excited and inspired. So I came across an article (skip the comments) - mostly I'm reading the quote in the article. What do you think of that? If you have time. I'll come back here to see if you have any thoughts. Do you think it is something to be concerned about? I'd like a response from someone who isn't defensive :) Figured you'd be a good one to ask.

reneegrace said...

oops I forgot the link.