Tuesday, June 24, 2008

third time's a charm....for photos

This is my third attempt, in the last 24 hours, at posting these photos. Hope it works. And now, as promised....

Chandler, my little gift-giver, used money I gave her for herself, on gifts for the bride. Presented at the rehearsal dinner. The gaudy ring ended up being my sister's 'something blue', attached to her bouquet. How sweet!

My little bird


My Jaci-mace. Next thing I know, it will be this one wearing white. Sigh.

Not the best shot. But what do ya get when you ask the photographer to take one with your camera. ;)

One of my favorite guys in the world. My nephew! Isn't he rad?

I love, love, love this one! The landscaping behind my new new bro-in-law's aunt's house was so beautiful and fun too!

This photo cracks me up. My sis with all our siblings still at home (6) and my 3 girls and my other sister's son. That's a lot of children, ya'll!

The sisters....minus one. (a sad, prodigal story) My sister on the back-left is married and pregnant with her 2nd child. Sister in the white and black is close to graduating high-school (homeschooling) and my littlest sis is right in between my older girls in age. Yes, she's their auntie!

My new brother-in-law and the gals. The two closest to the groom are my sister's good friends. Both gals on the left are preggo!

The couple of the day!

Yes, he is wearing jeans. Yes, my hubby (the minister) wore jeans. Yes, they bride and groom did ride off on a Harley. Yes, it was beautiful and rugged.....all at once. Kind of like humanity.


reneegrace said...

looks like a fun and relaxed wedding. My husband just found that you found me on face book... :)

Bryan wanted to ride away on a harley, but we couldn't rent one. He just traded his bike he bought last summer with his friend, for a Harley. His Dad is very happy to have him in the Harley-owner 'club'!

Rachelle said...

I love those relaxed type of weddings. You looked gorgeous, by the way!

I've had a facebook account for a little over a year now. We (facebook and I) have a love/hate type of relationship. :-)

Kimmie said...

How fun. Glad you got family time and some great pictures to share of your beautiful family.


mama to 6
one homemade and 5 adopted

elena jane said...

what a fun relaxed wedding scene....beautiful photos :)