Tuesday, May 20, 2008

home again, home again, jiggety jigg

It looks like I could be saying that alot these next few weeks. We just returned from doing an 'impartation service' at our old home church. It was FANTASTIC! Watching God move on people and then hearing the testimonies of the healings that took place last night was really incredible. God is awesome, eh?

We're planning on returning in another week or so to do another meeting there. While in town, Mitch received a call from another pastor to do a service in their church soon. What a crazy God-happening time this is. I can't say it enough - my Jesus totally amazes me.

Robin (4yr) stayed behind while we made the overnight trip to do the service last night. Her pre-school was taking a field trip to the zoo and a friend volunteered to keep Robin so she wouldn't miss the field trip. I chatted with Robin and she chose to scrap her family and do the field trip thing. Sheesh. I kept asking her if she'd miss mommy. Nah, she'd answer every time. Again, sheesh. And, of course, she did great.The kids will finish up their last {1/2} day of school tomorrow. The big girls missed today - it was field day so, no classroom time missed. Good thing.

So, yeah the kids will finish up school tomorrow. I am soooooo happy. And I don't even go to school. :) They have missed about 7 days of school in the last 3 months. More than three times the days they missed the whole rest of the year. I'm lucky the teachers didn't stone me.

And now that the kids are out of school and we don't have to miss any more days of school, what better time to take a jaunt down to Kansas City and hang out with our buddies and spend time at IHOP? So, we'll leave Thursday night after a pre-school picnic and a softball game to get to KC about midnight. We'll spend a couple days and return home for Sunday. Gayle commented about grace to be fulfilled even though life is so crazy (or something like that). I think it helps that I have 3 children over the age of 2 or even 4. :)

That leads to the adoption situation I shared about a couple posts ago. It looks like that opportunity will not be for us. The mother has, at this point, decided to keep the baby. We don't feel an urgency to get the home study done immediately so we will wait and pray and continue with life.

I suppose that's enough excitement for now so I will head to bed to get up at 5:4oam for the last time in a while. Praise the Lord.


crystal said...

Sounds like yall are going to have fun this summer! Enjoy it....

loefflermom said...

Yea! for summer breaks!


reneegrace said...

hey you... have fun. enjoy no school!! ah... to relax all morning with your kids and do summery things. its fabulous, yes?

oh wait... I'm still supposed to be doing school. OOPS! does 20 minutes at the kitchen counter this morning count? :)

Kimmie said...

Family business, Kingdom business-it is all rolled together and isn't it wonderful! God is stirring His people, He wants us whole so that we can not look at self, but reach out and give that wholeness to others. Again, it is not about us (it never is), but about Him!

Thanks for the name post...it so blessed my heart. I felt like a dimension in our relationship opened...as a tiny bud that suddenly shoots into a beautiful bloom. Bless you my sweet friend.