Monday, January 07, 2008

it's all comin' down

That's right. Thirteen days after the calender said Christmas is over, my tree is coming down. Along with all the nativities, snowmen, stockings and other Christmas-y decor. At the rate I'm going today though, it's going to take all week to get it all down. Not that there's alot. I'm just moving SLOW. And thank God I can.

The kids head back to school tomorrow. To read my thoughts about this, click HERE. I am back to work, 3 days a week starting tomorrow as well. But there's no parties to plan or bake for. No big events to organize. And I am one happy woman. Don't get me wrong, I love all that stuff. Totally. But I am 'lifed' out right now. I am ready to sit. To Sabbath away.

Already I am feeling closer to my Jesus. My soul has quieted. My flesh is beginning to follow suit. In just 6 days our church will press in with Seven Days of Seeking, a time of focused prayer and fasting. I'm so ready. I remember several words I heard from the Lord last year at this time and rejoice that I saw the fruition of them. I'm ready for God to speak again. And ready to be quiet and listen.

So Lord, speak to me. Help me to sit long enough to hear. And help me to take full advantage of this Sabbath season. Until it's time to sow and to reap again.

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Mycrazylife said...

Slow is good!

How wonderful that you will take some time to just rest and listen. How I long for some of that time right now.

Quality time... without the constant noise of little feet, or the hum of daily living and eyes that are not weighed down with the need for sleep.

I hope you have a blessed week of seeking and rest.