Tuesday, September 04, 2007

pure earthly happiness

These are some things that make me happy. Just pure earthly, temporal happiness.

My new 'work' shoes. I'm not a tennis shoe kind of gal but needed something other than flip-flops to waitress in. These are Airwalks - aren't they cute?

My new vacuum cleaner! It's pink and silver. Not because I LOVE pink but because my other option in this price was yellow and I do HATE yellow.

I hadn't had this combo for a while and was craving it. Yum yum!

OK, this one's a little more than temporal and earthly but I sooo LOVE this man, who is thousands of miles away right now. Sometimes I forget there's a cost to living a blessed life. My sacrifice these next 8 days is being husband-less. I hate it but Jesus is worth it.


reallyniceday said...

Great pics!

I love the "I hate yellow" comment with your yellow wall in the background....

I did see that pink dyson at target. I wanted it. I usually want most colorful things I see.

javamamma said...

OK, ya got me. But really that wall isn't 'yellow' it's more of an...autumn golden. And maybe I don't HATE yellow - but I did HATE that manly-looking vacuum next to the pink one. :)

Cindy said...

Oh, oh, oh! I am SO, SO happy to see a photo of you! You are GORGEOUS! I pictured you dark haired to go with java. :) You are so beautiful. I already knew your heart was beautiful; glad to have a fact to go with it.

I have walls in a similar color, too. :) Let's be friends with matching walls and matching thermoses full of ramen.

Jesus is SO worth it. You'll be blessed for your sacrifice. :)

jen at Conversations said...

I totally have a pink vacuum, too! We got it about a year ago, but mine is a different brand. It makes me smile every time I get it out, and that's saying something!

I agree with Cindy, you're a cutie! Assuming that's you in the pic and not your hubby's sister or cousin or ex-girlfriend! And yes, Jesus, is so worth it! Thanks for living without him for a couple of weeks! Hang in there! He'll be home soon!

reallyniceday said...

I'd love to be friends with both of ya, but I think I'll out live you if you keep on with the Ramon Thermos yack! :)

blue thistle books said...

Well I tell you, I just love that nifty pink and silver vacuum cleaner! And that coffee is looking pretty inviting too!


reneegrace said...

I am so sorry you are without hubby... I was just discussing with Bryan today how we were just meant to be TOGETHER... we don't like to be separated at all. :)

And you two look absolutely lovely!!

Kimmie said...

Is this the first picture of YOU? I love it...you are beautiful...why were you hiding that from me (us?) Hey, what's the deal?

You have some explaining to do...

I bought a metalic red vacuum, the thing is a pain in the behind and I WISH my husband had taken the thing back! I do love my central vac that my husband got for me for mother's day...I had missed it when we moved from our old house...now I vacuum the first floor and garage (ha...like I do!) with bliss.
mama to 6
one homemade and 5 adopted

Mary said...

Praying for both of you!! That's an awesome pic of you guys. And I do like the pink vacuum. Does it make you feel like a princess when you use it? HA! Love you.