Wednesday, September 19, 2007

the man I love

My Beloved chided me this morning, "You never post anymore." (Ya know since my last post was, um...Sunday) We discussed the fact that I haven't had a deep thought since the 40 Days of Praise. And, since my cornfield episode, nothing terribly exciting has happened.

But, so another day will not go by without me posting, here is:
A Tribute to my Husband, subtitled: Quirky Things About the Man I Love.

~My Beloved has 4 cell phones -all the same model- sitting next to our bed. He uses one and fixes it with parts from the other....ex: he just swapped out antennas to see if he gets better reception. I think it worked.

~My Beloved is on a quest to duplicate the 'perfect taco'. He's been to Mexico several times, found a taco he LOVES and has been trying {and being disappointed} to find that flavor again for months now.

~My Beloved is "Jimmy Neutron"-esque - a true genius...always inventing - or atleast always thinking about inventing, or tweaking things. A couple examples...
A while back he built a 'hydrogen booster' for our Explorer. It's supposed to improve the gas mileage. It was working OK until it melted and put the vehicle to a halt while I was in the city 30 miles away. Call it a 'design flaw'.

The last creation was a 'weed wiper'. It involved carpet, a 2x4 and training wheels. He doused the carpet with weed killer and hitched the contraption onto the back of the riding lawn mower and brought death to all the weeds in our yard.

~My Beloved is an amazing preacher. God gives him amazing revelation and he can communicate it well. But sometimes he says words like crap from the pulpit. He justifies it by saying it's in the Bible, they just call it dung.

~My Beloved doesn't use the last of the milk for anything. If there's a half inch or less in the container - it goes in the....well, actually it gets left on the counter.

~My Beloved is a riot, a smart aleck, extremely witty and always saying things to get a laugh....or a shock. I was none of the above when we got married but he claims I am beginning the pick up on the Monty Python-ish wit.

~My Beloved prays in tongues ALL THE TIME. Ask anybody who knows him. If he's not having a conversation with a visible person, he's building his spirit man.

~My Beloved was saved from a drug infused, demonic-happenings lifestyle. He who is forgiven much truly does love much. He doesn't have a bigger passion than our Jesus and it shows.

And lastly, My Beloved is the most 'real' person I know. He doesn't pretend to be anybody or anything he's not. He's not perfect and doesn't claim to be. The youth and college age generation can really connect with him because he's not a pretender.

I married this amazing man because I respected him and his intimacy with Jesus. And over 10 years later, though his quirkiness can lead to annoyance at times :), I respect him and love him more than I did when I met him.

P.S. There, babe, did I satisfy your craving for a post? :)


Cindy said...

Ooh, I like him~ :) Sounds like a keeper. Wish we could do coffee all together. I need more friends. Friends like you and your beloved.

And I need a weed-eatin-carpet-space-machine.

--Cindy Lou (Of course we're close enough! I'd be sad if you didn't now!)

Rachelle said...

He's a keeper, alright! Cute picture of the two of you. :-)

reallyniceday said...

Are you calling me babe? ;)


I concur. It's all absolutely true. What's funniest is his "unga bunga bo" story or whatever they said running around in the fields learning to pray in tongues.