Friday, September 21, 2007


This is my 'bullet post' but I'll just call it 'tidbits'.....

*Tonight was 'Prophet Fest' at our local Starbuck's. By that I mean 6 Godly men who have tremendous capabilities to hear the 'Word of the Lord' met (some for the first time) and prayed for and encouraged each other in the Lord for 3 hours. (and I named the occasion) I got in on the last hour of it. And God had some things to say to me too...through the mouths of these great guys. God is truly amazing in His love for us.

*I've been wanting to read The Screwtape Letters since I finished The Chronicles of Narnia. Since it wasn't to be found at either of the local libraries, I went ahead and ordered it. I like it. Here's one quote that's stuck with me (remember this is the enemy of our soul speaking):
"We want the Church to be small not only that fewer men may know the Enemy {God} but also that those who do may acquire the uneasy intensity and the defensive self-righteousness of a secret society or a clique."

I've been craving good scones for quite a while now. So I made my own. (I'm sorry but I don't do nasty triangle scones that are found at Starbuck's or any other coffee shoppe. Yuck.) Anyways, it's a simple recipe that I found on allrecipes and have made several times over the years. It's not as good as the Irishwoman-made ones at the Espresso Shoppe in North Platte, NE but they'll do. Anyways, My Beloved and I each downed 2 with homemade whipped cream and hot chocolate at 11pm last night while watching Pride and Prejudice. (happy sigh)

*Tomorrow, my oldest daughter and I are headed to a 'Day Spa' party. It's hosted by a girl from Jaci's class and the girl's mother. I'm not gaga over going but it will be good to spend time with my 'baby'.

*My week's are now officially busy enough that I look forward to the weekend. What a change from just a few weeks ago when I admitted to being bored. Thank You Jesus for the changing seasons of life.


Rachelle said...

I really enjoyed "The Screwtape Letters". Randy Alcorn wrote two books called "Lord Foulgrin's Letters" and "The Ishbane Conspiracy" that were very similar, but set in our modern world. I read it several years ago, but I think they were a pretty good read.

reallyniceday said...

I briefly heard about the meeting. What a fun trip for all of them. Changing the paradigm that prophets have to be lone crabby fuddy duddies who are angry and disappointed with everyone.

Have a great time at the "spa." Wish I were gonna be there for dinner tomorrow.

javamamma said...

Rachelle: I've never heard of those books by Alcorn, I'll have to look them up sometime.

K: I wish you were going to be here too. :( In regards to the 'fest - your man spoke directly to an issue I just was talking to Jesus about that morning. Very cool.

Shari said...

So, how did the spa day go with your daughter? Hope you have a great weekend.


Gayle said...

I could completely annihilate a scone right about now...:(

G.L.H. said...

I found you through Cindy/Scott. I didn't know anyone who never heard of Euchre--but then, it's the State Card Game of Indiana--we wouldn't know what to do during lunch in high school if we didn't have that...

Really enjoyed your post about your hubby--you are a blessed girl!