Friday, September 14, 2007

up close & personal

So today started out like pretty much any other ordinary day. After dispersing all 4 children (mine and another preschool-goer) I had a tanning appointment, which I got in early too, so at shortly after 9am, I was headed home.

I thought a cup of coffee (from my new french press!) with My Beloved sounded like a lovely idea before I headed to work at 11. I decided to take the gravel road which gets me home 4 minutes faster than the interstate just so I could enjoy every minute of life {without children} before work.

Cruising along and now just 1 mile from home, the car started to weave as I drifted into some loose gravel. I started to get a tad concerned because there's pretty sharp ditch drop-offs and iron fences guarding cows all along this road. I managed to keep the car on the road until the only 10 foot stretch of ground that doesn't have any drop off and an unfenced crop of almost dried out 8 foot tall cornstalks.

It was extremely surreal as I plowed my little 2 door Saturn 30 foot into the corn field and halted to a stop....finally. I called up my hubby to come help me and then went ahead and slowly backed out of the corn back onto the road. I got out of the car to access the damage - cornstalks EVERYWHERE, no license plate, 2 tires flatter than a short stake and a few broken front lights - and my husband arrived shortly, very concerned about me.

I did all I could to keep from laughing because I was really upset that I had jacked up the tires he had JUST put on the car 2 weeks ago and he was honestly concerned about me. But I can't help but giggle every time I think about plowing through the cornfield, watching the corn fly everywhere.

Jesus really had His hand on me because this deal could honestly have been extremely bad. I honestly hit the side of the road at THE only passable spot for several miles. So, in the midst of being extremely thankful for God's protection and being extremely urked that I had to take time out of My Beloved's day to deal with a car situation - I am still chuckling at the movie-like episode of the morning. I would title such a movie, "Up Close & Personal....with Seed Corn".


reallyniceday said...

Holy Sweet Corn Batman! Did you take pictures?

You are definitely looked after and protected! I'm so glad you emerged unscathed.

Cindy said...

So, so glad you are ok!! I have a friend who drove through a cornfield as well and she still laughs everytime she tells the story.

Rachelle said...

So glad you're okay and that the accident wasn't more serious. Thank the Lord for His protection.

Enjoy the new french press!

Kimmie said...

Wow, who knew corn was so dangerous! headlines: "Car Sucking Corn -Grabs Woman Trying to Enjoy her Morning."

Glad your well, hope the car is back in working order and that your comings and goings are safe!

be blessed

Gayle said...

Good Grief! I am so glad that you are ok...
I bet it shook your hubby up though, just realizing you were in an accident.

Shari said...

Go Angels!!! I am glad God's protection was on you and you are able to walk away laughing about the corn. Yea!

Have a great weekend!


reneegrace said...

glad you are ok - dandy even! :)

and I loved your post about the neurotic. Wish I had time to comment on all of them - but suffice it to say some made me laugh, some shake my head (with a smile) and some nod my head,

Life is crazy around here, keeping me pretty much focused on a nasty worship team situation. yuck.