Friday, August 24, 2007

9/11 and other news

You gals all have fabulous 'no more tears' ideas. The best one is the food processor - maybe I could borrow one for next time, granted there would BE a next time. Praise God, I had the motivation to go ahead and finish chopping the last of the onions when I was making salsa, even though I didn't need them for that batch. There was no way in God's green earth I was going to repeat that process anytime soon! So, thank God, my next batch is covered.

The batch I made was really sweet. Not uneatable, but definitely too sweet. I can only guess the amount of sugar called for was too much. My other thought was the apple cider vinegar - but my mom just informed me that shouldn't have made a difference. Bummer. Because I was ready to make the recipe again, only using the plain white distilled stuff.

Other than the sweetness factor, the salsa had a good 'kick' to it and pretty good flavor. So I'll try again - less sugar...using the onions that are safely stashed in my freezer. :o) I also picked up a packet of seasoning that I can throw into a pile of tomatoes tomorrow. My Beloved is a salsa fiend so I'll give him a good selection to choose from this winter!

My family is here for the 3rd and final weekend for a while. My amazing sister (4th down from me) and her awesome husband, along with their way cute son will be here tomorrow for a couple nights. I'm excited to put on my 'auntie cap' and do some serious lovin' this weekend! Especially since reallyniceday's hubby wouldn't leave their little guy with me for the week. ;)

And the last bit of news from our household - My Beloved is going to Romania for 7 days....leaving in a week and a half. Is there such thing as a spur of the moment trip overseas? I have found that there is. A wonderful ministry friend called 2 days ago and invited My Beloved to come with himself, the other Mitch and this ball of fire pastor, to minister in Romania. Lucky guy, My Beloved is.

I mean, seriously, we couldn't turn down the opportunity when it came on the 29th day of a 40 day fast (for my hubby). That HAS to be God, right? I'm never thrilled when I have to do life without My Beloved for any amount of time, but God is faithful and full of GRACE. I'm gonna be pulling on that grace come September 4th. And get this, he comes home 9/11. Should I be freaked out? Do they really still fly airplanes on 9/11?


reallyniceday said...

I have NEVER heard of a salsa recipe with sugar in it. Wierd. We use white distilled all the time. The vinegar doesn't make a taste difference at all. It has something to do with the canning process or something.

I'll be visiting that weekend when hubby's gone so at least a day or two will be filled, eh?

Cindy said...

How exciting! I hope you'll tell us all about it! I got your email, thanks! It is nearly midnight and I am off to bed, but I'll write tomorrow.

javamamma said...

Yeppers, totally will be looking forward to that weekend.

I think the sugar is to take the acid-ness from the tomatoes. I don't can, just freeze so I'm not sure if any of that makes a difference or not.

Gayle said...

It's kinda cool that he is coming home on 9/11 just to show that we need not fear when we are in the Lord. However it's not my man who is doing the travelling on that day ;).
Praying for you while he is gone, friend.

Rachelle said...

Praying for you and your hubby while he is away. Looking forward to hearing all about it!

I LOVE salsa. Mmmm...

ConservaChick said...

WOW! Bet it's going to be LIFE changing for him! Can't wait to hear about his "journey". ~Karlie