Saturday, July 28, 2007

prayer is like underwear!?!?!

Well, I'm definitely not keeping up here as well this week, eh? My 40 day adventure is going well thus far. I continue to pray/praise for breakthrough for myself, My Beloved and our church.

One verse that's really stuck out to me as I embarked on this 40 days is Isaiah 61:3, He gives us the garment of praise instead of the spirit of heaviness. I blogged a while back about that heaviness and I definitely need that garment of praise to replace that spirit of heaviness.

Well, tomorrow I get a chance to preach to myself (and others) about just that. Yesterday as I was praying for God to give revelation to My Beloved for Sunday, I began pondering the word PRAISE and found God giving me some thoughts that go with each letter of the word. It began to develop to the point where, the decision was made that I would take the service instead of My Beloved.

Here's just a tidbit of my thoughts on the word PRAISE, as a garment that we wear. And because of the great analogies I'm getting, this very well may be the LAST time I preach. :o)

P is for prayer. And prayer is like underwear. It undergirds everything else in our life.

R is for rest. And rest is like sox, cozy and comfy. Rest is not being worried but being comfortable to trust in God.

A is for anointings. And anointings are like shoes. There's all kinds of shoes for all kinds of activities. God pours out the right anointings for the right seasons and the right opportunities in our lives.

I is for intimacy. And intimacy is represented by pants. You cover the intimate places with your pants - you wouldn't go out without them. And I don't want to go out without knowing God and Him knowing me.

S is for shine. And shine is represented by a shirt. A shirt in the right color makes your face shine. The glory of the Lord rising on us, puts a shine on our faces!

E is for expensive. And expensive means jewelery, eh? Praise requires a great expense. It costs you, your emotions and your feelings and ultimately your life.

And there is a mini version of my thoughts on praise. Have a good weekend!


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