Tuesday, May 15, 2007

here's to number 10

Today is a blah day. My Beloved says it's a 'monthly issue' and I need to wolf down the blue-algae. I told him to shut up - really. (Don't worry, he understands my sarcasm.) I feel bored/antsy/lonely/anxious/etc. all at the same time. But to keep this from being a 'downer post'. Take a look what's on the horizon for My Beloved and I - in just 3 short weeks. We're going to celebrate 10 years of marriage!

This is where we are going.

This is where we'll be staying.

This is in the plans.


ConservaChick said...

WOW! Sounds like a dream trip. The River Walk looks GORGEOUS! Sorry you are having a blah day.... blue algae though? Just the thought of drinking something called blue algae makes me depressed. What does it do?

javamamma said...

Well I wouldn't be taking blue algae if I had to drink it either. I have it in pill form. I have friends who testified to it's wonderful health results - including all the hormonal jazz that goes with a woman's cycle. I have to say, after only being on it (and sporatically at that), 2 months-ish - the hormonal, as well as physical agony of my 'cycle' is probably reduced. So I was a submissive wife and popped a couple at lunch. Now, do I feel any better? Hm, maybe.

Oh, I found where I posted on my blue algae beginnings - it's here...

Rachelle said...

The river walk looks absolutely beautiful! Our tenth is in July, but we haven't decided what we'll do yet.

Sorry you're feeling down. Chocolate and a latte are always a good pick-me-up. :-)

javamamma said...

Yeah, we just booked this trip a couple nights ago.
Of course my first choice for our anniversary would have been a visit to Hillsong, followed by a trip to Europe but alas, finances are a tad short for such galavanting. We're only going to S.A. for 2 nights but it's more than we've ever done for an anniversary so it counts!
And maybe we'll head to Australia for our 20th!

Shari said...

If you eat a live frog in the morning, nothing worse will happen to either of you for the rest of the day.

Hope that makes you smile!

Hang In there!

Sound like it will be a fun trip. It is always great to have something to look forward to.

Be blessed!

kissesfromheaven said...

SWEETNESS! Are you taking the young ladies with you? HA! Sounds awesome! And how are your dancing lessons going? Must be pretty good if you're taking your dancing shoes. We were put on the spot at a wedding dance over the weekend. Had to show off what we could do with the rumba. It doesn't take much to impress people!

javamamma said...

Ha, I bet you guys are awesome on the dance floor. Our lessons ended last Tuesday - now we're experts. (snort)

We're hauling the kiddos down to my parents - and then back this way to fly out of the big city. Ah, joy.