Monday, May 14, 2007

the hard part

Well, the garden is in! It’s not much since I’ve decided after 10 years that I’m not really the dirt-digging type but I did plant 6 big boy tomato plants, 1 roma tomato plant, a jalapeno pepper plant and a couple rows of lettuce. The girls each planted a couple mounds of pumpkins – the small ones I think. (Daddy bought them) Now I just have to maintain – the hard part.


Rachelle said...

Our garden plans sound like yours, except the kids are doing the sunflower fort instead of pumpkins.

I hadn't thought about roma tomatoes though...good idea! I like those little grape tomatoes too.

reallyniceday said...

Yippee! Garden time, I love it. We're passing it up again this season to hopefully have one next summer. However in the Missouri humidity I could possibly get vegetables that look like they came from Jericho.

I'll be frequenting the market soon.