Thursday, April 12, 2007

what's with that & birthday update

So, I put in a book order with a week or so ago. Yesterday I went to check the status of my order and, hello...ship date estimated for May 9th!?!?!? What's with that? I'm presuming that can happen when you choose the 'free shipping' option but it's never happened before. I'm half tempted to call them up and say, "heck, I'll pay the shipping. just get me my books!".

In the awaited order is...

Soul Cravings by: Erwin Raphael McManus
When I raved about "The Barbarian Way" to someone recently, they suggested this one as well.

The Amazing Discernment of Women: Learning to Understand Your Spiritual Intuition And God's Plan for It by: Jentezen Franklin
Also a recommendation. Actually the one I'm waiting for. I was hoping to find some great revelation to teach at our quarterly Ladies Fellowship Night. Now what?

50 Ways to Really Love Your Kids: Simple Wisdom and Truths for Parents
by: Tim Kimmel
I decided to get this one since I'm a fan of "Grace-Based Parenting".

Also, I ordered several copies of "Grace-Based Parenting" and "The Barbarian Way" to set on our 'to-be' resource table at church. Guess that'll go up in May.

Since I'm not getting anything new for a while, I guess I'll keep plugging away at "The Divine Conspiracy".


I had a great birthday this year. It started Tuesday night with supper out as a fam. We did Tuesday night because we had prayer on Wednesday. After supper, we went to Hobby Lobby and My Beloved said to pick something out 'from the girls'. I chose scrapbook paper....lots of it!

Wednesday morning, My Beloved took over taking the girls to school so I could lounge a little. He brought home flowers and a dessert for that evening. Then we went into town for lunch and of course a latte at Starbuck's. I went back to the Carmel Macchiato because the Dulce de Leche is almost too sweet for me.

For supper I made Garlic Pasta - yummy. Then the Hershey chocolate pie for dessert. Wow. The kids all had little homemade things for me - sweet stuff. My Beloved gave me a complimentary birthday card that I won't share but it did say to buy the cappucino maker I want.

A few weeks ago though, I signed us up for ballroom dancing classes that are supposed to start next week. That's 'for my birthday' as well. And if that isn't enough, in a week and a half I'm heading south for 24 hours in the prayer room at IHOP, by myself. Sheesh, am I blessed or what? None of that includes the awesome friends I have that blessed me with stuff....mostly food and coffee. They're not called friends for nothin'. :o)

Oh, and though I feel fab at 29 - I'm not sure what all the fuss is about.


Rachelle said...

So glad that you had such a great day!

kissesfromheaven said...

Ha! I ordered some CD teachings from Australia over a month ago. Evidently they're coming via the slow boat from China!

So you DID get kisses from heaven beyond your dreams on your birthday!! Very cool!
I like it when birthday celebrations are spread out over a long period of time. Love you girlie...

reallyniceday said...

Great birthday! Did the hubby have any suggestions of espresso makers since he's the king of great deals on the web?

I had the same thing happen at amazon for Existence and Attributes of God. 4 1/2 weeks later there it was. Must be a good one.

kissesfromheaven said...

Thought I'd send this question over here. What kind of alert are you getting?

It's about time for coffee, isn't it??

javamamma said...

Actually some of hubby's geekishness has rubbed off on me. I did my research several months ago. (Remember my 'coffee snob' episode?) Anyways, my price range happens to be under $100 and I had decided on the Hamilton Beach but today purchased a DeLonghi from Target. I think I'm gonna like it!

danib said...

I forgot your bday was after mine! Happy bday!

Mine wasn't as wonderful as yours; I guess 33 isn't as glamorous. I did get my own espresso/cappucino/coffee maker, though! Wonderful thing it is. And my little dd is now drinking it with me, and picking out coffees, and syrups, and which kind of milk she wants .... Maybe I should cut her off -- she's only seven!

Anyway, happy birthday!

javamamma said...

danib: I figure a latte can't have anymore caffeine in it than a Coke. And probably less it should be kid friendly, right?!?! :o)