Wednesday, April 25, 2007

random thoughts

I wonder how many blog posts are titled that? I wonder how many I've titled that? Hmmm...

It's amazing how a simple announcement of 'what could be' from the pulpit can inspire people so much that your prayer group increases by like 20 (from 3). (more on the 'what could be' at a later date) Anyways, we had 3 in prayer last week and it was good. This week we had around 25 - and it was good. I guess times in God's presence are just....good.


So, I broke my vow with myself not to start another book until I finished "The Divine Conspiracy". I couldn't help it. My Beloved started a book that just came via and told me I needed to read something. Actually when "Sex God" arrived, we flipped through it and said, "Looks really good and like pretty easy reading." And so the seed was planted. My Beloved started it yesterday and I jumped in today, seed in full bloom.

Here's a few lines from the book, which did I mention is excellent? Don't let the title scare you. Rob Bell has an incredible gift with words as well as incredible revelation.

We're addictive creatures. We try things, we experiment, we explore, and certain things hook us. They get their tentacles in us, and we can't get away from them. What started out as freedom can quickly become slavery. Often freedom is seen as the ability to do whatever you want. But freedom isn't being able to have whatever we crave. Freedom is going without whatever we crave and being fine with it.


It's late and THIS really made me laugh.


reallyniceday said...

With the toilet seat in mind, My youngest today, in the bathroom and completely naked(getting ready to get in the shower) produced a nickle...without bending over or moving. When I asked him where he got it, he said, "My butt." Uh...yeah. He's sticking with that story and I'm thinking he has some supernatural support raising capabilities or really tight cheeks....:)

Rachelle said...

That is hilarious!! And it made headlines...that's almost as funny. LOL

Sounds like a very intriguing book. Did you read his other book (mentioned in the review.."velvet Elvis" I think)?

javamamma said...

reallyniceday: let's go with the supernatural support raising capabilities - give him a shower again today!

rachelle: no, I haven't read Velvet Elvis yet. Believe me, it's on my list. My husband's good friend has though and thought it was excellent as well.

Carol G said...

Hi Dani.

I think I got my commenter fixed! Woo Hoo! I think the computer got mixed up between my blogger and my google accounts, and now it fixed them by merging them. Whatever. Now I can comment.

How are those lovely girls?


PS Your oldest should be getting a postcard soon from my oldest.

ConservaChick said...

Hi Javamamma,
Want to see what happens when God, a Beth Moore Bible study, and Javamamma's reading list bombard a girl? Grace Based Parenting, definately a Godsend! ~Karlie