Tuesday, February 13, 2007

snow day

The first snow day of the year has hit our area. It's actually more about ice than the amount of snow but I'm not complaining. And neither are the kids, though they're pulling all the old homeschool stuff off the shelves. Odd children, don't even appreciate a day off from learning. :o)

I did finish 'Provocations' last night and yes, reallyniceday, that book would be lent to a friend that is still reading it online. I didn't agree with everything Kierkegaard says but a huge majority of it. And it all is very thought-provoking and stimulated my brain (and heart), sometimes more than I felt I could grasp. Excellent read. Now, what's next on the list that's a mile long? If I could just remember every book I've said, 'man I gotta read that' about in the last 3 months.... or maybe I should finish the last couple books in the Narnia series before starting another.

Regardless, today should be a good reading day since, obviously, I'm not going anywhere.


Rachelle said...

Have fun on your snow day. We're looking forward to it warming up this week. The weather people are saying -5 by Friday!

Trina said...

That sounds like a cozy day ahead of you. We have lots of snow, but no new snow in weeks, and that is AOK with me!

I cant ever remember what books I thought I HAD to read either! Im terrible about making the time though.

Rachelle said...

We started celebrating St. Patrick's Day two years ago. Jeremy's Irish by descent, so that was one reason. But the story goes that St. Patrick was a pagan turned priest who brought Christianity (via Catholocism) to Ireland.

Glad to hear your dinner went well. :-)