Tuesday, February 27, 2007

my God is so big, so strong and so mighty

So I was chatting with my husband this morning. In his free time he's been hanging out at a coffee house a few blocks over from where he's staying. He discovered the guy who is the manager is American. After visiting with him for a few minutes, he found out the guy's sister lives, not only in our state, but in the same town my kids go to school in - just 15 miles away. How bizarre, God-like is that? We're praying that God will possibly give my husband an opportunity to minister to and speak into this man's life while he's there this week. Oh, and one more thing - the guy has a brother - who's name is the same as my husband's. Wild stuff.


reallyniceday said...

Sweet! How small our world is and so huge at the same time!

Rachelle said...

That is so awesome! Even though I know how huge and amazing God is...it still blows me away when I see/hear stuff like that.