Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Dive a little deeper

I’m sitting in the semi-local coffee shop this morning. I can’t post this until I return home to my wireless internet though.

My 3-yr old and I are living our Wednesday morning routine….

  • Drop the girls at school
  • Find a place to brush her hair
  • Wait until the coffee shop opens at 8:15-ish (if I’m lucky, I need to fill up with gas or stop by the little supermarket to fill the time)
  • Sit until 9:50
  • Head to Story Time at the library
  • Head home by 10:30-ish

Today I brought my computer and worked on a bunch of Publisher docs for the church, including this Sunday’s bulletin. I could do a lot more if I had internet access. Oh well.

Our afternoon on the town was fun, albeit crazy, yesterday. The kids were pretty much wired and goofy, especially at supper. I am learning to laugh with them though, instead of reprimand and stress out all the time.

Tonight is our worship & prayer service and then I have pedicures and a movie on the agenda tomorrow night. And then we’re done! WooHoo! I much prefer to do life with my husband than without him.

I haven’t got much reading done this week. I’m barely staying up with my daily Bible reading. I’m ready for a slow week so I can dive into “The Divine Conspiracy” a little deeper than page 9. Maybe next week….


Rachelle said...

Learning to laugh instead of always correcting/reprimanding is something I have to consciously work at doing.

It sounds like you've had a productive week, even with missing your husband. I never like it when Jer is away, even for a day. Business trips stink...I usually end up at my mom's at some point. :-)

reallyniceday said...

Sounds fun!

So what's that book about? Not that I even need to be asking because I do NOT even need to want to start another book right now, but I was just curious :)

BTW, do you end up at your mom's when your hubby is away ;)

javamamma said...

I used to end up at my mom's for hours a day when my hubby was away - when she lived closer. Not anymore.

The book's subtitle is "Rediscovering our Hidden Life in God". I've just only finished the first chapter but it was about how Jesus brought the Kingdom of God to earth, how eternity begins now - not when we die. Some really good stuff in the first 33 pages. Yeah, I made it past page 9 today.