Wednesday, January 10, 2007

random thoughts

Oh the insanity. Do you know how hard it is to keep yourself busy in a town of 2,000 for a day? Back up, I could keep myself busy with 10 cups o' coffee and a couple books but myself and a crabby 3 year old? We ended up driving around the community in our 'spare time', praying for God's glory to fall, on saved and sinner alike. It's all good.

After a *page of profanity in "Provocations", I shifted over to the 'mommy' book on my table of books to read. It's been good, practical stuff but good. Mommy's group starts up in a couple weeks and I have a feeling they're not quite ready for Soren Kierkegaard. I wasn't until my youngest was out of diapers. So in one book I read about dying to yourself, offense and the fact that none of us really can claim to BE Christians and in the other, it's about bubble baths and scheduling playdates. Talk about a well-rounded life.

Also in my backpack now is "The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe". Never read it in my younger years so I'm going to make my way through the Chronicles this year. I'm in Job on my quest to read through the Bible chronologically - Job is really a long book.

So those are my random thoughts for the hour. As you were.....

*p. 173, if you're interested in a reference.


kari said...

I actually liked the "and if they won't yeild to words, then give them a whack or two, so that we may be free of them and get our work done."
Funny. Sometimes I'd like to say that many profanities but wouldn't publish them in my book. Well maybe not until close to the end... ;)

EEEEMommy said...

Years of sleeping in a bedroom whose window opened to an inner-city alley full of all sorts of profanity and violence has effectively desensitized me toward most cursing (although I do not curse myself...verbally). So, I was not quite so put-off, and in the end quite enjoyed (and agreed with) the overall point that he was making. The fire chief actually reminded my of my father, a very godly man, but prone to curse when I was younger and he was not so sanctified.

I am amused at the idea of you going from Soren to "Blaire." Absolutely no offense intended, but they are from quite different worlds! I, myself, have just finished a Jane Austen book, and am hesitant to begin another, more modern, book as I do not wish for the "spell" to be broken.

As for Job, I'm glad to be finally past those "friends" and am looking forward to the "good part" of the book!

Rachelle said...

Thanks for the review on the mommy book. :-)

I also read the chronicles as an adult. My husband was a Narnia and LOTR nut as a child. Long before the movies came out. Apparently he was really sick when he was about 10 and was delirious. In his delirium he was praying to Aslan! LOL

javamamma said...

Lest you think I was terribly offended by the profanity in 'provocations', let me clarify. I actually thought that page was one of the best things I've ever read. I just was afraid I might start using such language in church. :o) I agree, Kari, a 'whack or two' seems needed at times.