Saturday, January 27, 2007

bye-bye Mr. Coffee

When we (my husband and I) first met, just right at 10 years ago, he had a cappucino maker. That was our drink of choice - Almond Rocha lattes. Yum. The morning (and perhaps another time or two a day) tradition continued until flavored liquid creamers found their boom on the market. So we switched to the traditional coffee pot and some yummy Coffee Mate.

We've gone through phases over the last 10 years and owned 3 (I think) different espresso makers and several coffee pots. All that to say, I'm back on a latte kick (Maxwell House has lost it's appeal....even with Peppermint Mocha creamer). And our current espresso maker sucks. Really, it's terrible. It's a cheapy (like $30) Mr. Coffee. Now, I have nothing against cheap and nothing against Mr. Coffee. But this espresso maker can't even heat milk before it foams all over the place - foam before heat? Very wrong.

So my beloved, if you're reading this. I want an espresso maker for my birthday. A good one. I'm going to check reviews right now....


reallyniceday said...

Keep some French Vanilla in the back of the fridge for Todd and I.

Do you think the problem could be Maxwell house period. I mean with all the options you have for coffee choices in the middle of (not necessarily nowhere but nobody's discovered yet), the pickins are slim. :)

Check Randy's blog. There's a choice from Cincinatti. Over the Rhine coffee

javamamma said...

Yeah, I know coffee choice does have something to do with it. I've been doing boca java when I neeed a cup. But I've made lattes the last couple days and it's fun again. And, since the fast, my morning cup o' coffee has lost it's hold. Amazing, huh. I'm thinking lattes a couple times a week could be my thing.

Rachelle said...

I like Starbucks Yukon Blend, personally. Love the smell of freshly ground beans...mmmm! Jeremy's a Tim Hortons guy. I don't know if you have that in the States or not. It's a Canadian coffee and donut style shop.