Friday, January 26, 2007

what I was made for

We had a 'family night' last night. This isn't something scheduled into our lives, though I'm sure if we wanted a perfect family, it would be. We just decided to bless the girls for being really good about the nightly prayer meetings the week before.

We usually have atleast Sunday nights and sometimes Monday nights free to just hang out with the kids. Since we had basically 2 or 3 hours in between school and prayer, we felt the kids were a tad short-changed, in their 'quality time' with mom and dad. But each of them did spend some time in the prayer meetings with us during the week so they got some extra 'Jesus-time' in so it's all good.

So anyways, last night we headed in to Chuck E. Cheese's for some fun and games. We don't actually eat there for several reasons...firstly, the kids are too busy to eat the pricey pizza and secondly, it's not that good to pay for no one to eat it. So after the games, we headed to Pizza Hut, ran just a couple errands and were back home before bedtime. A grand time.

Next week, life will pick up around here as we have 2 batches, well technically three or wait maybe 4, coming within 24 hours of each other. In the midst of that, we will be celebrating our daughter's 6th birthday, holding a church business meeting and having a guest speaker at church to boot. (He's part of the company) Should be a riot.

On the upcoming ministry plate: three planning meetings with different ministries within the church, 2 dinners (with 13+ people each) to plan and carry out, a valentine's banquet that I'm in charge of, then my husband sets out to Mexico for a week, he returns and we all head to Texas for a weekend (Lord willing) and then I speak at a women's conference the following weekend. This is what I was made for.

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