Saturday, February 07, 2009

like no other

Two and half hours away from home, after a few phone calls, we discovered we were going to be responsible for hosting company tonight. Where this is usually no biggie, this time was going to be quite a stretch.

I like coming home to a clean house when we travel but this week didn't lend itself to cleaning the house before we left on Thursday. We had such a busy week that I hadn't done any cleaning, the kids hadn't had any time to pick up the toy clutter and the guest bedrooms hadn't been touched since the last round of company. On top of that, I needed to prepare 3 desserts for our Couple's Night Out tomorrow night. The afternoon was going to be packed without the addition of company. Not really time to get a house 'company ready' and have more than Hamburger Helper ready for supper.

After my initial freak out, my spirit began to beat my flesh into submission and remind it that, this is what we do. We serve. We are flexible. We have grace to do what needs done in the moment. And life was really going to be OK.

I began to develop a plan and a check list and briefed the kids on their roll as soon as we arrived home. We pulled into the garage 2 hours later and grabbed the first load of luggage and groceries to take in and find a discreet spot for. As I walked in the back door, I noticed the kids' boots were all lined up. I had the thought, "wow, I don't remember the kids picking up the back room before we left but great." As I rounded the corner into the kitchen, then walked into the living room I was welcomed by freshly vacuumed carpet and my chairs a little off-centered. What the heck?

After further investigation we realized someone(s) had cleaned the house {and swept out the garage}. Honest to God. All I had to do was re-sheet the beds and wipe down the toilets. Everything was tidied, dishes put away, furniture dusted, floors mopped or vacuumed. Stinkin' clean.

Here it is 10pm. I made the desserts, fed my company a decent supper and am now sitting at the computer, ready for tomorrow. The blessings of the Lord are amazing. Servant-hearted people who hear and obey the voice of the Lord are priceless. This life of walking with Jesus is like no other.


reneegrace said...

How awesome... what a great blessing... and may the person who did it be truly blessed!! :)

ConservaChick said...

Do you know who did it? I could use a friend like that right now!!! Oh and I'd LOVE to be your facebook friend!