Saturday, January 10, 2009


It's day 5 and we are on a little road trip. Just up the interstate 3 hours where my fam lives. I knew we'd want a trip anyway, and this weekend happened to be my nephew's birthday so it worked out well.

The only thing that didn't work out well is the roads. I checked the weather and road conditions before we left - windy, maybe a little snow, nothing terrible. Wow, I thought the internet never lied. Wrong I was. For a good 2 hour stretch (the drive is only 3), things were not well. I drove about 45 for a good chunk and still slipped and circled in the middle of the road for a few terrifying moments. All is well though and we made it.....alive. :)

It's amazing how an experience like that though makes a person, who LOVES to drive, a little skittish about heading home this evening. Thank You, Jesus for peace.

With my fun money, we got a hotel room instead of staying with family. The kids are swimming and I'm enjoying the hot tub. We'll have a little Starbuck's party here shortly and then have to check out. The never give you long enough do they? Whatever.

My mom invited us to lunch before the big party, and after the bash, we'll head home. A short 24 hours but a nice escape from a manless home. When we get home, these fine people will be there as the man of that home will be preaching in the morning. Then the routine week begins again.

I think I've decided to forgo the painting this time and stick to organizing. There is plenty to do. I doubt I'll get past the church to my own house. Too many piled up closets and storage areas. I run a thin line of offending some good church-goer by getting rid of something sacred when I tread here but tends to be my nature. :) The painting can wait til My Beloved gets home....and can help me.

Happy Weekend, all!

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reneegrace said...

fun memories for your girls! :) glad you made it safe.