Thursday, October 30, 2008

costumes comin' out my ears

We're getting ready for our annual Fall Fun Fest around here. For the last 2 years, we've used Group Publishing's Fun Fest Curriculum. It's cool because it goes along with the VBS curriculum - kind of a second 'splash'. We didn't do VBS this year but I used the '08 Starter Kit and adapted it for our Sunday morning Children's Church for the month of October - so it's all fresh in their minds as we head into the 31st. Fun stuff.

Also this week, is Red Ribbon Week - drug awareness - at school. This year they're really getting in the groove by having a dress-up theme each day. Quite stressful the week of costumes anyway. (my kids don't trick-or-treat but they do dress up for the Fun Fest) Not one to back down in the face of stress, my kids participated each day. ;) Yesterday, each class had a separate theme. See?

Robin is 'coloring her world drug free'.

Chandler is playing it 'groovy to be drug free'.

Jaci is 'lei-ing off drugs'.

More photos over HERE.

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Anonymous said...

Completely surprise!
Love the socks!