Thursday, September 18, 2008

happy photos + 1

The shoes I bought for my new niece. I'm a sucker for baby girl shoes.

The mixer I ordered after waiting since April. I love

One of the good deals I found after a friend directed me to

The food processor My Beloved let me replace my old one with. A quick story....Last week or the week before, I dropped the bowl of my food processor and cracked it. I figured I was screwed for doing any liquid things (like salsa) but could still grate cheese and stuff. Which I did. Then the second time I did cheese, the lid came loose because of the crack and tore up the center and shredded tiny shards of plastic into my mozzarella. Oh yay. My mom gave me fresh tomatoes last week which I was intending on making salsa with but alas, no processor. Sooooo, hubby forked out the dough to replace my new, but destroyed food processor.

What I look like right now, so I MUST go shower. (and I must remember to post a nice photo soon to erase that from your memories!)


Gayle @ thewestiecrew said...

LOL! This reminds me of the picture I posted of me with towel-head. Yup, you will regret it...LOL!

And I'm sure Mitch knew that it would be more important to pay now than to never have any of that yummy salsa again, huh? Smart guy!

Anonymous said...

Cute Shoes!
Awesome mixer..I am jealous!
Sweet Hubby!
What's with the Disney ship?
Shower...good idea!