Monday, May 26, 2008

food, friends and intercession

We had such a great weekend with our friends. Though I think it was so fun it lead to a little exhaustion. (sorry for the little meltdown before we left, K)

Us gals got in several hours of shopping time. First at a little outlet called "Half of Half". Nice bargains. Then on to Costco. Costco is to Sam's Club as Target is to Wal-Mart. I like Costco. :)

Then that night, after an amazing dinner at The Cheesecake Factory and coffee at Stah-buck's, Kari and I headed to the prayer room. I like late nights. I especially like them when I don't have to be up at 5:45. There's some good prayer and intercession rising at 1am. It's nice to be a part of it.

Then on Saturday morning we took the kiddos down to the prayer room for an hour. It's really a ride to watch your kids grow in the knowledge and grace of Jesus. I prayed with each of them individually and asked them first off, to pray for whatever they wanted, what they had a heart for. Chandler starts off with seeing dead people come to life. Yeah, baby.

We had lunch with our Polish friends at 54th Street Grill. Not quite the Factory but my 'Hero' was pretty stinkin' yummy. It's so fun to converse with other nations. I mean, I don't know if it's such a riot to everyone but I love it. Call me multi-cultural. I just wish I was bilingual. And thanks to fabulous women who aren't afraid to take on 8 children by themselves so we could enjoy our conversation child-free. ;)

And now, home again. It's a short week with lots to do before heading out on Thursday again. And that's why I'm sitting here blogging. Heehee. Jaci just loaded the dishwasher for me but now she's waiting on me to help clean her room. We are in search of the new razor, used only once and now missing. God, open our eyes.

Happy Memorial Day, all!


reallyniceday said...

SO fun! And whatever about the meltdown...I'm not exactly the flylady or Rachel Ray so thanks for enduring...:)

Tracie said...

AH, you were just here! Glad you had a good visit!