Thursday, December 20, 2007

a few of my favorite things

So this is a shallow, materialistic post in the midst of everyone trying to be more spiritual and think of God coming to earth instead of the gifts under the tree. Believe me, I am grateful for God coming to earth, becoming One with man. I'm preaching on that very thing this Sunday. But I'm also grateful for the MANY wasting-away-earthly-things God's dropped in my lap. My hope and trust is not in them but I sure ENJOY them in this lifetime!

First of all my 'Supergirl' shirt. (It says: Supergirl saves the world ~ 24/7) I bought this for $3 on a clearance rack a little while back. When I showed it to My Beloved, he asked if I was feeling pretty confident that day. Au contrair. Actually I was having a lousy day but when I saw the shirt, it reminded of my mission in life. I have a commission from my Jesus to 'save the world' - well, actually point people to the Savior of the world. I can't ever forget that.

Next is another green shirt I bought recently. (I'm tellin' ya, God is using clothes to speak to me!) At first glance, you may think I've become a 'tree hugger' but if you know me at all - I detest politics, so no, I haven't gone all 'green' on ya. Think God's Kingdom. Think again of that commission to impact the world. Then you'll see why this shirt speaks to me so.

OK, isn't this just totally cute? (it's pink, if you can't tell) I was given a little pocket knife by my Grandpa when I was in my teens. It came in handy over the next 10 years or so. A few years ago, I somehow left it behind at a camp our family was at. I've wanted another pocket knife ever since. Mitch saw me eying it the other day at Super Target and said, "Just get it. We can spend ten bucks." Thanks babe!

This is my mantle decor for the season. The word PEACE reminds me that Jesus coming to earth brought peace between mankind and God. He came to restore and 'set at one again' His relationship with His prize creation - man.

Aren't these THE MOST RAD lookin' cookies you've ever seen? They are 'Cappucino Love Bites'. Kinda a twist on those ever-popular 'Peanut Blossoms'. Not sure how they taste but they LOOK way cool!

And this is my 'People Puppy Chow' lovin' daughter. Ain't she adorable?


Gayle said...

Why yes, she is!
I am lovin your sweet little pink pocket knife, Supergirl! ;)
I hope so much that you have a wonderful Christmas, friend, in case I don't get another chance to tell you that. How neat that you get a chance to teach this Sunday...

reallyniceday said...

I was gonna buy that think global act local shirt when I was in NP the last time at Threads. However, all they had was a medium and some of us just aren't that streamlined yet...;)

ConservaChick said...

You detest politics? WHAT? Yet I still think you're awesome! You are probably good for me. It must be all the other things we have in common. We DO both like funky shirts (but mine are politically inspired).

I don't think talking about great clothing is shallow and materialistic. Oh no... it falls somewhere in the proverbs wifey area (atleast I hope it does).

Your cookie pictures look delish! I doubt I will get around to baking this year. Which just might save me 5 pounds. ~Karlie

Christin said...

I love random posts and getting to know you better...

Your daughter IS adorable and those cookies look good. So are they?

unfortunately tomorrow is our Cookie bake Day. Unfortunately because I have no will power around cookies that I like. and of course, we are baking cookies MOMMY likes. ;)

blue thistle books said...

She is just the cutest! And those cookies are looking pretty good too! They look all swirly in the middle, unless my eyes are deceiving me, which is possible now that I've reached the age of declining eyesight! did they taste?

Merry Christmas supergirl!