Thursday, October 04, 2007

a morning off

Yes, It's 8:07 and here I am still in my jammies with a cup of Columbian. My Beloved needed to head to the Auto Auction in another attempt to bless a friend of a friend with a vehicle at a 'less than dealership' price. Soooo, he took the girls to school, as the auction is in the bigger city about an hour further in the same direction as the school. Woohoo.

I could've tagged along and spent my day shopping but my house is truly a disaster as I never have caught up from LAST week, so I thought God would honor this work more than running through the mall from sale to sale. Sigh.

So while I finish my cuppa coffee, let me tell you about my October plans - I so know you're dying to hear them. :)

~This Saturday, a pastor my hubby knows will be teaching a class on Greek verbs (i think). I'm hoping to find a sitter and sit in on a little of it.

~Sunday - I'm going to lead/teach the children's ministry in worship. Being the Worship-Pastor-by-default lands me this task. Actually, my passion for our King and my heart to spur this generation to an expressive, passionate display of a heart that's turned on to Him, drives me to want to challenge this little ones from time to time.

~Next week is Parent Teacher Conferences. Besides attending our own, I will be helping feed the teachers who get to spend their entire days at the office. Nice thing is, after 2 days of insanity - they get the last 2 days of the week off.

~So we are going to take advantage of that and head to IHOP for 36 hours. Connecting with friends -old and new, spending time in a room filled with continuous prayer and worship and letting our kids discover this atmosphere is the goal of the weekend.

Alrighty then, that's just next week and my coffee is now cold (hint to move on, eh?). So I'll leave with the mid-month activity of ChoctoberFest! I gleaned (stole) this idea from Cindy and am totally stoked about it. I made up cute invites and posters in pink and brown and am excitedly inviting, not only church folk but gals from the town and moms of my kids' classmates. I'm hoping this is the riot it has potential to be!

That's my life the next couple weeks. This post doesn't include a women's retreat, a conference with African pastors and our Annual Fall Fest (which I'm really excited about this year). It doesn't include that we are starting to host youth group here on Sunday nights and that we will have a 'Newcomer's Dinner' at the end of the month. But all that will happen too and life will retain it's busy pace after a few months of dullity. (yeah, i made that word up) But this morning I'm working at my own pace and hope to have a non-cluttered, and semi-clean house by the time I hit my pillow tonight. May I rest in peace.


Rachelle said...

With your schedule girl, I hope you get some rest too. :-)

I loved Cindy's Chocotoberfest idea too.

Christin said...

So funny...I actually thought of IHOP when you were mentioning your heart for children's worship. I haven't been able to go to IHOP yet,but a friend of mine took their kids for a children's worship conference. :)

I so hope that the Holy Spirit just comes and BLASTS everyone there with His amazing outpouring. Kids these days are sooo willling for God to do whatever. Come, Lord!!

sounds like a rockin' October! ...which, by the way, I'm still reeling from the fact that it's no longer June! When did that happen?!

Christin said...

*laughing* yeah, I got your message right after I sent mine. I was like "Dang that girl is fast in returning comments!" *still laughing*

Heading to check out her site. sounds awesome. Make ME a prayer missionary, Lord! Or rather Cause me to KNOW and ACT on the fact that I am already called to be one. yeah. I guess that's more like it, eh? ...thanks for the link!

Cindy said...

Yeah! Choctoberfest! Wish we could sit and eat some chocolate together, friend. Tell me how it goes!

Gina said...

Come on over for coffee, and enter my give away!

reneegrace said...

goodness... I was feeling busy... :)

have a grand time at IHOP - I am so hooked and haven't even been there!

Sounds like a fun fun OCT party too

AND - get my comments all in at once - I really liked your list of leadership thingys... except I didn't because I suck at it and I am discovering how HARD HARD HARD it is!!! sigh. Maybe if I sleep more it will be better in the morning.