Monday, August 06, 2007

yay for me

We actually have somewhat of a schedule this week. WooHoo. The last few weeks have been pretty uneventful, to the point that I admitted to being bored. (don't stone me, you hard-working gals) But this week, now we actually have some action. :o)

Today was dubbed the 'Surprise Day' back at the beginning of summer. See, I had all these grandiose ideas about scheduling in some fun activities with the kids so the summer wouldn't escape with having accomplished some 'fun' stuff. Well, those ideas were mostly shot, on account of 'lack of funds' but not today. Today the surprise will happen. Oh, the surprise is taking them 1/2 hour away to our hotel. We don't own it or anything. We just stayed there a few times when we lived on the other side of the state and traveled this way. They have since declared it ours and will be delightfully surprised to get to stay there again. (Plus they give a great discount to ministers!)

So then, my plan is to go through their clothes on Wednesday. School is approaching and hopefully everyone atleast has all the underwear they need to get them through a school week. We have prayer that night too.

On Thursday, we're all going to help serve lunch at a mission in the city. Should be a good experience for us all - as, we've never done it before. That night is worship practice.

On Friday, we gotta get the house clean. My family will be here in the afternoon to stay the night. My family includes my parents and 6 of my siblings - 4 of us are grown and out, 6 are 15 and under. Yeah, one of those crazy home-school, large families. :o)

Then on Saturday, we are headed to my husband's parents (it's just the 2 of them) to celebrate Robin's and Jaci's birthdays with them. Read: get the kids' gifts.

So, wow, we have actual things to do this week. Yay, for me.


Cindy said...

What kind of hotel gives discounts to ministers??!!? I need one of those! :)

Have a great time! Sounds like a wonderful plan.

javamamma said...

There's a company that owns a few hotels in Nebraska and Iowa (? other locations) - they actually have a 'prophets chambers' room that you can stay in free BUT it's NEVER available. It's like booked in advance for the next year or something, I don't know.

Anyway, they do give a discounted rate of 49.95 (very nice hotel) for ministers when if the free room is unavailable. And we've stayed in their theme rooms (very cool) for just 79.95.

All that to say, you'll have to come to Nebraska to take advantage of this deal! :o)

jen at Conversations said...

We'd been through the same "we are so bored there is nothing to do" thing just before heading to G-ma's. You know it's bad when Mom is bored!

Rachelle said...

We've had a pretty uneventful couple of weeks too. When bored, the beach seems to be our old standby. Sounds like you have tons of stuff planned. Have fun!!

blue thistle books said...

I wanna be bored! I do, I do!

Sounds like you'll be having fun this week! It must be great having a big family to share those moments with. Have a great week!


ConservaChick said...

You have got a busy week! I love it, you are so HAPPY! I'd be freaking out thinking, I've got 8 people coming over, worship practice, AND a mini vacation... how will I ever survive? You are my hero. Karlie

javamamma said...

Did you miss the part where I've been longing for activity? If my week looked like this every week - THEN I'd be complaining.

ConservaChick said...

I tagged you!!! ~Karlie