Saturday, April 21, 2007

scattered absence

Soooo, it's been a busy week. I've been gone every night of the week except for Friday night. Not the norm for this stay-at-home mamma. And then today we had a scrapbook 'crop' at church. And tomorrow I leave for a blissful 24 hours of prayer, traveling solo to IHOP. Are my kids going to be traumatized? Or maybe my husband? Hopefully no one suffers long term damage from my scattered absence.

Here's a breakdown of the week (as if you care):
Monday - Ladies Night. I prepared little desserts, as well as a message for the gals of the church.

Tuesday - night one of Ballroom Dance classes....of course, My Beloved accompanied me on this night!

Wednesday - Prayer Service, the entire family trekked down to the church for this night. Mmm, so good.

Thursday - VBS Organizational Meeting #1. Basically I needed a meeting to help get me in the mode and not feel overwhelmed before we started this process. Visiting with 2 great friends, one hosting our little meeting with wonderful hospitality (read: coffee, chocolates, strawberries and cream puffs).

Friday - Night Home - yay. My Beloved and I watched "Shop Around the Corner", the classic version of "You've Got Mail". Very cute.

And then scrapping today. Still tonight, I've got a bulletin to get printed for tomorrow. And last minute prep for leading worship tomorrow as well. And I suppose at some point I outta throw an outfit into a suitcase for my little jaunt south. Better put the laptop down...

...Oh, P.S. I'm supposed to blog that My Beloved pulled gobs of weeds today while I was out scrapbooking! :o)


Rachelle said...

Jeremy and I have been looking for a movie. I'm going to check that one out.

Have an awesome time at IHOP! Your family will be just fine, I'm sure. :-)

kissesfromheaven said...

Sounds like a really great week. Fruitful! I love The Shop Around the Corner. The orginal movies just carry a different fragrance than the remakes.

Soooo...does your hubby want to come this direction and pull some weeds?? Does he do windows too?? :)
Blessings at IHOP! Anxious to hear!