Monday, April 30, 2007

another Kingdom

It's no secret that we are in the 'last days', the end of an age. Actually we've been in these days since the time of the New Testament. Luke 17:26-27 talks about the last days being like the days of Noah.

My Beloved has been preaching a series of messages based on the story of Noah. He got these cool video clips from Bluefish and has been using them as a springboard for his messages. He just preached number 3 of 4 and they've all been really, really good. I thought I'd share a couple thoughts that continue to stand out to me.

As Christians, when we think about the 'end times' we tend to have one of a couple mentalities - or like me, my attitude changes with the wind.
God says there's going to be 'a flood' and we grab our umbrella. "Bring it on God. I just don't want to get wet."
Or we grab our 'floatie', (ya know, that inner tube for in the pool). "OK, it can flood but I'm going to make sure I'M safe."
Or we do the Noah thing. And be obedient by building the ark, whatever that means to us, that He calls us to build. In this one, it's not about us, it's about obedience. Him being glorified. Something much bigger than ourselves.

Yesterday, My Beloved talked about some key things that have to happen before the coming of the Son of Man.

~a release of prophetic restoration
~evil is magnified and personified
~kingdom conflict
~strategic outpourings

This is probably the only series that I've ever heard My Beloved teach on the 'end times'. We aren't the type that major on the study of this particular subject. But, it's been really good to project a vision for the ministry here. To awake the sleeper. A good reminder that we do not live for this earthly kingdom but for Another Kingdom to come.


Rachelle said...

We've never been the ones to major on end times stuff either. But you're right...we need to remind ourselves of our purpose here on earth.

reallyniceday said...

Did you see in the newspaper the article about the guy that built a life size ark "museum" kind of thing. I was thinking it pretty prophetic to have someone actually "building" an ark in the Days of Noah.

BTW, did you detox like you were gonna a few posts ago?

javamamma said...

The detox - ugh, don't bring it up. I did a half day, then junked out the rest of the day. Puke.

Shari said...

Did you hear about the movie coming out this summer? It's called Evan Almighty. This guy has an encounter with God and becomes a Noah and builds an Ark here in the U.S.

I guess the bigger question to be asked is if God ask you to build an Ark, would you do it? No matter if everyone else thought you were out of your mind. It is easy to give a flippant answer of "yes, of course", but do we mean it? I want my answerer to be Yes! No matter what.