Thursday, March 08, 2007

being wooed

So, THE coffee shop down here has free wi-fi. Yee-Haw. And they make a really good 'Spanish Coffee' Latte which I'd never heard of but I think the flavor is rum and brandy. What does this mean?

After a joyous 13 hour drive down here and a breakfast of cajun trail mix and Red Bull - we made it. I probably got a total of 2 hours of sleep last night and haven't been able to make myself sleep since we arrived. I imagine it will hit me about supper time. Sigh.

A totally cool God-proving-His-reality-to-a-child thing happened yesterday. The kids really wanted to go swimming while we were on this little trip and I told them we wouldn't be staying at a hotel at all so it was highly doubtful. I told them, specifically my oldest, that maybe if they prayed Jesus would give us the necessary finances to make that a reality but we didn't have the money to stay in a hotel one night. So she prayed.

Wednesday afternoon we received a letter from an old friend - with $27 cash in it. I told my disappointed daughter that, no, $27 would not cover a hotel room. Sorry. She lamented how on earth were we ever going to get the extra money by that night when we were leaving. I told her that it was pretty crazy for us to get $27 so you really never know. Imagine her wonderful joy when a guy from church handed my husband $100 cash for our trip at prayer that night - right before we hit the road! God is so interested in blessing His babies!

My daughter is being wooed by the wonderful love of an awesome God! So sweet.


reneegrace said...

how precious!!! what a neat story of God showing his love to our kids, totally apart from us even!! :)

Rachelle said...

I love it! What a great faith-builder for her. Hope you're having a fantastic time.

Shari said...

I love the way God delights us! It is so much fun. Have a blessed trip!

reallyniceday said...

Hope you're having a really nice day, really nice day, really nice day!

I miss you friend!