Monday, February 05, 2007


Turns out I really needed that soaking service last Wednesday and a couple in between then and now would have nice too. What a weekend. Sorry, work crowd I look forward to Monday.

Despite the ever-so-drained feeling I have now, the weekend was great. Lots of company, food and a great service yesterday morning.

Finally getting some time to read again this morning, I'm ever so amazed at the similarities in our culture in the 1800's and today. Gosh, it's almost ungodly that I wrote that, since it seems the 1800's are elevated to such a time of purity and godliness to many a Christian. Whatever, I don't buy into that. Humanity is sinful, since the fall, it always has been and always will be until Jesus has His way and establishes His Kingdom on earth.....

Alright, end of rabbit trail. Anyways, some of the quotes in 'provocations' seem like they were written in our time, not 200 years ago.

"All this talk about wanting to know the truth is gibberish, illusion, and hypocrisy. Every person understands the truth a good deal more than he lives it. Why does he not do more then? Ah, there's the rub!"

"Not just in commerce but in the world of ideas too our age is putting on a veritable clearance sale."

"As long as this person can keep busy - without thinking too much about life's meaning - living in deception is the least of his fears."

"A revolutionary age is an age of action; ours is the age of advertisement and publicity."


Kari said...

Very good. Mixing our faith with works. Hope you have a great down time day!

Love ya,Kari

Rachelle said...

Loved what you said about the elevation about the 1800's. LOL I totally agree! Even in the days of Jesus, the same sins you see today were the ones they were struggling with 2000 years ago. That's humanity.