Saturday, February 17, 2007

dragging by

Today is draaagging by. And really shouldn't be, since I got up...mmm, well about an hour or 2 later than I should have. I have lots to do, as we'll have company for lunch after church tomorrow so I gotta clean and get everything ready to throw in the oven before we head to church in the morning. (I LOVE the delay baking option on my oven - so handy when eating out isn't always an option.)

Last night my husband took our oldest to a daddy/daughter date night. They looked fabulous, all dressed up. I'll post pics on my other blog, for those of you who 'know' me. I took the younger ones in to watch the high school basketball games, JV and Varsity. In the middle of the Varsity game, my husband and daughter joined us and then we headed for home around 9pm.

I have NEVER driven in such weird weather. I guess we were experiencing what you would call a 'white out'. It was snowing slightly but the wind was swirling all the old snow around so that it looked, to me, like we were driving underwater. Wild stuff. I would have seriously had a panic attack if my husband wouldn't have been driving in front of me. As slow going as it was, we finally made it home.

So, I guess I'll get back to my Saturday tasks. Mixing up a batch of brownies for tomorrow's dessert is next on the list.


Rachelle said...

We just drove through a white out on the way home from church today too. Not fun. Glad you were okay, though.

reneegrace said...

hey there...

thanks for popping over to my new place! :) its kind of fun setting up a new home.

Its so neat that your hubby takes your girls on dates. If this one is a girl that will be a DEFINITE tradition! very cool.

I bought the United We Stand cd... am enjoying it. I'd like to get one of those unplugged cd's too. I have seen them, and listened to as much as they let you on the ITunes preview.

take care! ReneeM