Wednesday, January 03, 2007

this I know

Now, I've been 'in this thing' long enough to know it's not about stuff - like material blessings. Nada, His amazing love, demonstrated on the Cross, truly is enough BUT...(you knew there'd be a but, didn't ya) being a high scorer in all the love languages - I feel loved in all different ways, one of those being GIFTS. Yesterday, Jesus showed me His love in just that arena.

I was away from home, yet another day - out meeting a friend at a central location. We did lunch, coffee, shopping - the typical chick day. I really wasn't planning on actually making any purchases - we just had Christmas, the New Year's resolution to spend less money, yada, yada, yada.

Back up a few days to the onething conference...Being around 12,000-give or take-people, and being the people watcher that I am, I saw many different SHOES. I really like shoes and found myself intensely craving (lusting?) after shoes - like decent, non-flipflop shoes. I didn't tell anyone my wicked thoughts and desires, not even my husband. It was just me and Jesus privy to my thoughts.

So back to yesterday, we hit Gordman's because my friend had a giftcard to use there. They were having a tremendous sale on SHOES. I ended up purchasing 3 pairs of $30-50 shoes for around $6 a piece and then splurged on a pair of $50 shoes for $14. Four gorgeous pairs of shoes for less than $35! Jesus loves me this I know, and He gives me shoes too!


Rachelle said...

Yeah! I, too, am a shoe nut. What a nice treat, not too mention some great sales! :-)

EEEEMommy said...

A wonderful example of how God can use something so temporal to accomplish something of such great eternal value as you recognize His hand and enjoy His embrace while He lavishes His love upon you and you draw ever closer to the absolute best Daddy ever!