Thursday, December 21, 2006

i hate to say it

....ya do the hokey pokey and ya turn yourself around.....hmm, I don't know why THAT song is stuck in my head but it is. Weird.

Nothing dramatic or of any importance really to fill my blog page with today. I'm on the down side of the busy-ness of the season. Which is great considering Christmas is yet 3 days away. It was really a great thing to be able to square everything away before our open house. Today I was almost, I hate to say it, bored.

In one week is day 1 of the OneThing Conference in Kansas City. We will attend this year for the first time. We're taking several from our church after really trying to dissuade our youth group from going. You see, this is about passionately seeking God only. I told our youth, "ya know, don't go if you don't really want to go full on for God."

I don't want to get down there with a bunch of thumb twiddlers. I'm wanting to press in and having the 'baggage' of disinterested kids didn't sound fun to me. So we have 3 teenagers going and then a couple in the 'young adult' range. A good group. We'll take the disinterested to an A.G. camp next year...ooops, did I just say that out loud? (no offense intended)

So, hubby and I are going to watch Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest. Guess I'll head out. Happy 3 days til Christmas.


Rachelle said...

You took me right back to our days of youth pastoring. :-) I'm glad you'll be going with an "interested" group. Jeremy and I had to learn the hard way to not always focus on the kids that we could see losing focus or slipping away. Yes, it was necessary to try to guide them in the right direction. But we found that very often in youth ministry, the kids who had a desire to seek Him have a tendency to be overlooked, even though they are often facing tough issues and decisions as well. Gotta find a balance, right?

Anyways, have fun. We enjoyed Pirates. Have a blessed and very Merry Christmas.

javamamma said...

Dead Man's Chest was good - but more bizarre than the first one, don't you think?

Rachelle said...

Yes, you're right. We saw it in the theatre in the summer, but now that you mention it, it was a lot more fantasy-like with the underwater creatures etc. And I remember feeling like it kind of dragged on a little too much. I do love Capt. Jack though. Johnny Depp does such a good job with his character.