Monday, March 02, 2009

Things that make me smile *ding*

Found this over on Jenni's blog. Thought it looked fun!

Grinning on the inside smile
yes, I DID work-out today

Eyes rolled back in your head smile
holding hands with My Beloved on City Walk in Universal Studios

Yes, I'll have another thankyouverymuch smile
warm funnel cake on a cool summer evening

Taking a stroll down memory lane smile
watching my kids acting like pros while flying for the first time

Put your feet up and relax smile
a fairy that comes when I'm gone for days at a time and tidies up the house, making it not feel so empty when we come home

I knew He would all along smile
My Beloved giving me permission.....I'll share in about a month or so

How funny is that? smile
my nephew pounding his new drumsticks all over the apartment so much so that the neighbor wondered if he got a drumset. No, auntie just bought sticks, that's all.

I could do this all day smile
laying on the beach, listening to the ocean

Grinning with anticipation smile
a new routine come fall

This is what I was made to do smile
Worshiping at the keyboard (with a drummer who follows) in a dimly lit room with people who are just basking in Jesus' glory

Make your eyes twinkle smile
listening to my husband converse passionately about life and ministry


reneegrace said...

this made me smile...

... so, what led you to come back to home schooling. If you want to share. We finally decided to continue next year, even though there'll be a toddler and infant. Grace, grace and more grace... He is abundant... now if only I will REST in it!!

Jenni at talking hairdryer said...

Loved it!