Wednesday, November 26, 2008

on the table

Happy Day-Before Thanksgiving! The preparations have begun around here.

Brownies are baked - from a box.

Pumpkin Pie is in the oven - from frozen state.

My normal mode is from scratch, kill myself, a dozen side dishes that no one eats, and lots of stress. This year I decided to nix that mode and try something new. :)

It's just 7 of us, my fam and Mitch's parents. Tiny compared to my side of the family when over 30 of us gather at the table. Except for me, no one in this bunch is really exotic when it comes to food so I'm making the essentials (hopefully in small amounts!) and one semi-exotic thing ..... for me! Here's the menu.....

Turkey - I've only done a few turkeys in my lifetime but I'm going to try this style.

Mashed Potatoes (these are real) & Gravy

Stuffing - from a box, turkey and chicken seasoned

Green Beans - not casserole cuz no one really likes that but me

Corn Casserole - not sure if any but me likes this a whole lot but I think most will eat it

Relish Tray - VERY slimmed down to what we all like - baby carrots, olives (black & green), bread & butter pickles

Cranberry Sauce - from a can

Rolls - these are home-made and VERY yummy. Hopefully mom-in-law will bring her delicious strawberry jam. Maybe I should call....

Pumpkin Pie -from frozen but w/ real whipped cream

and for my kiddos who aren't pie eaters just a

box mix of Brownies - they may add the real whipped cream though!

The semi-exotic touch for me is Crab Cocktail (cuz my Gramma always does that because she's frugal and won't buy shrimp!) I am going to try this cocktail sauce.

To drink is Meier's Sparkling Juice or just pink lemonade or milk for anyone who isn't a fan. (but my kids are!) I guess I did pick up some mini cans of generic pop too.

So that's the plan, Stan. I am going to whip out these cinammon rolls for breakfast too. So I am doing my share of home-made or atleast that's what I tell myself!

Happy Thanksgiving! Let the holidays begin!


Kimmie said...

bless you and pass the corn casserole. We do a corn pudding that people here would kill for, there seems never to be enough!


reallyniceday said...

You had me at "real whipped cream!" Nummy! Wish we could share a meal soon~ Happy Thanksgiving early, we love you guys!

Sarah said...

Hope you had a great Thanksgiving!