Saturday, December 29, 2007

when I need to go

So far this Famundo thing is pretty sweet. I've been typing in the girls chores for each day. They get on and look at their calender and know exactly what will be expected of them that day, as well as what's on the schedule for the fam. I'll enjoy this while it lasts!

Tomorrow, Mitch and I and 5 of our 20-somethin's head to onething to get in on 'The Call'. The kiddos are staying with some friends from church - actually they'll bounce between 2 families. They're totally excited to go to Miss LeAnn's and Miss Kim's. It's nice to have 'surrogate' family when you live a ways from 'real' family. I'm longing to get the flickering fire in my heart fanned into a massive flame for Jesus for 2008. Being around 20,000 other passionate believers ought to spur that, don'tcha think?

In a few weeks, our church will press in with our annual Week of Prayer & Fasting. It's always a good time to call on Father God to speak some vision into our lives for the year. I'm excited about this new year and hoping to get some insight into God's purposes for our family. I'm not real into setting a bunch of goofy goals but I was reminded in my heart yesterday 'for lack of vision, the people perish'. So I'm hoping for some Spirit-led direction into what to ask for in our family for 2008.

Speaking of goofy goals... Don't laugh, but one of my main 'goals' for 2007, was to actually go to the bathroom when I need to go. Really. All mommies will agree that usually your own needs go on hold for the more immediate needs of the littles. Well, my littles have been not-so-little for quite a while, yet I still tended to put off my 'needs' til I was ready to wet my pants. I have to tell you, looking back over the year, I think I've done pretty good with my 'goal'. :)

Happy weekend, all!


Gayle said...

Hee-hee..What's up with all the bladder blogging going around?
Anyway, I wish that I had the courage to get a vision at this point.
I know that this is vague, but it seems that my "God-given goals" never it leaves me wondering on Dec. 29 if they really were "God-given" in the first place...kwim?

Kimmie said...

Oh, I hope you have a wonderful time at your 'One Thing' gathering.

can't wait to hear more.

bless you and your bladder (silly girl)
mama to 6
one homemade and 5 adopted

Anonymous said...

So how was The Call?

I look forward to hearing what God did.

Have a great week!