Thursday, January 25, 2007

power of God working in me

The other day I was reading through a blog that I'd never read before. One particular post was asking readers to comment with marriage advice, evidently for newlyweds. Out of that arose a comment that basically pretty confidently said "I would never have an affair". While I pray and believe that is true for me (and my husband), I find it somewhat arrogant to make such a statement. It kinda belittles the fact that I need a Savior to keep me from sin. I'm not talking about a one time 'I asked Jesus into my heart' but a daily, 'I have to have Him or I fail'.

We've been married for nearly ten years. And from the beginning, my husband has consistently prayed against divorce in our lives. At first, it really freaked me out - especially when I thought things were going fine. But then I realized his prayers were 'precautionary'. None of us are exempt from falling - we HAVE to have the grace of God to KEEP us from falling. (And that Grace I'm talking about is the power of God working in me to help me do the things I cannot do - not 'unmerited favor', though I like that too)

The devil thoroughly enjoys breaking up marriages, especially 'Christian' ones. I'm sure he gets a thrill out of divorces that come in couples that said from the beginning that 'divorce isn't an option'. I agree that divorce isn't an option but it's only because of the power of God working a soft heart in me that this can be true.

To get flippant and proud when things are going well are those 'little foxes' that Song of Solomon talks about. I will daily boast only in the Grace of God. Because without it, without Him, I am capable of anything. But with Him, and by His grace I can have a tremendously blessed and amazing marriage.


EEEEMommy said...

"let him who thinks he stands take heed that he does not fall." (I Corinthians 10:12)

ReneeM said...

yeah, I read that comment... :)

And I agree. Though I had thought that at one time, then there were the couple months where I didn't think Bryan was meeting my needs (oh the gall!) and quite frankly, I discovered what it was to be discontent with what you had, and I realized, I too could entertain thoughts that lead to destruction!

javamamma said...

I can completely identify, ReneeM!