Friday, January 05, 2007

on display

Coming from a home-school background, I (and my kids) have lived a pretty sheltered life. There are pros and cons to this, in my opinion. One situation that I've never really had to deal with, is how much my parenting is on display as my kids are in school. Of course, every family goes to the store and goes out to eat and we pray our kids are on best behavior during those times but now it's 7 hours a day - my kids are not by my side, dancing at my cues.

The way we deal with health issues, hygiene, even bedtimes has never been so prominent in our lives. There was truly no accountability, no one to question our motives or no one to 'answer to' B.P.S. (before public school).

Now I'm finding myself questioning our past methods. Not that I am swayed by the normal American way of doing things - but I wonder why I've done things certain ways. Is it truly because I have conviction and confidence that God has led us - or have I simply followed the crowd I was around.

Not that our methods and ideals will change much but I am beginning to evaluate what I really have confidence that God has led us in. I want Him to be on display not ideals or methods (that I can't explain) that will be a stumbling block to people seeing Jesus in us.


kari said...

For example? :)

Adellila said...

Oh there will be many challenges to the 'why' of what you do or do not allow for sure. These will only prove to strengthen your faith and deepen your roots, as Paul so truly moved by the Spirit puts it "all things work together for good to those who love God, to them who are called according to His purpose" and your roots will grow deep, and your daughters will be tested and purified. Rejoice, and pray, pray, pray, my sister. Thank you for your prayers. you know me from hsb - known by Rolea - this one is my private use.
Have you head of Moms In Touch, wonderful public school ministry?